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GNAZ: Election Roundup: Recapping the Momentous 2014 Midterms, with Reed Dickens, GN Member, Founder of Dickens Capital Group, and former White House Assistant Press Secretary

November 05, 2014, 6:00pm

Midterm elections can indicate bellwether shifts in public opinion, as voters turn out to express their opinions on Congress, the current White House, and their own state leaders in anticipation of an impending Presidential election. On Wednesday, November 5th, Gen Next Members in Arizona will sit down with GN Member Reed Dickens to discuss the election results from the perspective of an insider. Reed is the former White House Assistant Press Secretary who served under President George W. Bush and saw behind the scenes during one of the most consequential presidential terms in modern history. Reed had a front row seat, helping shape the President's message with White House correspondent's and Air Force One and in the West Wing during the events following 9/11, including two wars, the historic midterm elections in 2002, and serving as a national spokesperson on the successful re-election campaign. Gen Equity PACs of Gen Next (GEP) and GN Members have been involved in a number of extremely consequential races in the U.S. Senate, House, and at the state and local levels. Reed will also brief Members on how those races turned out, and what it all means heading into 2016--a year with a wide-open Republican field in the race for the White House, and a Democratic party wondering if Hillary Clinton will be the heir-apparent after all. This will be a high-level briefing that is not to be missed.

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(GNSEA) The Impact of Media on Politics in the 21st Century, featuring Michael Emerson, Media Strategist & Hollywood Director

November 06, 2014, 6:00pm

Since the advent of television reporting from the front lines of the Vietnam War, the American public’s view of the world, and opinions on foreign policy, have been shaped by the media. Indelible images create a sense of fear, success, security, or failure, but each of the images we see are carefully curated by a news outlet with a point of view, and a battle for viewers. On Thursday, November 6th at 6:00pm, Michael Emerson, media strategist and Hollywood Director, will speak to Members of Gen Next in Seattle about how media, and the news climate in the 21st century, heavily influences politics and public opinion—and at what price. Emerson will explain how the new approach to media, especially the tendency to use sensationalism to drive ratings and a reliance on politically-slanted reporting angles, has negatively impacted the ability of the average American to stay informed, engaged, and aware.

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Growing Tomorrow’s Women Leaders in Rwanda and Burundi with Elizabeth Dearborn Hughes, Co-Founder & CEO of Akilah Institute for Women

November 12, 2014, 6:30pm

Earlier this year, Gen Next met with President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, and heard about what his country has done to educate and inspire a new generation of leaders to continue peace and prosperity in his nation—especially young women. On Wednesday, November 12, Gen Next Members in Los Angeles will meet with Elizabeth Dearborn Hughes, who founded the Akilah Institute for Women in Rwanda and Burundi. Hughes’ work provides education, scholarships, leadership training, and support to the next generation of female entrepreneurs, politicians, and business leaders who are shaping the futures of their respective nations. Along with her husband, Dave, Hughes lives in Kigali, Rwanda, and will help graduate 1,000 women by the year 2020 in subjects like business, IT, and hospitality.

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