In the Trenches on Education Reform with Gloria Romero, State Director of Democrats for Education Reform and former California State Senator (GNOC)

October 10, 2012, 6:00pm


When the news of the day reminds us that we live in a country divided it is encouraging to be in the presence of a leader who doesn’t speak “beaurocrateese” but is determined to focus more on change than partisanship. The bold Gloria Romero pulled back the curtain on teachers unions, Prop 32 and the state of education in the US for Members of Gen Next Orange County that spurred an evening long dinner conversation among the impassioned. While US students are losing the battle in the global economy, Romero reminds us that We the Parents is as fundamentally American as you can get and what we need to embody in order for America to get in the game.


Here are the takeaways:


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