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Chris Relth (Regional Board Member, Gen Next Orange County) serves as the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Artemis Search Partners, based in Mission Viejo, CA. Chris is responsible for overseeing daily operations, client relations, and the personal and career development of the firm’s consultants. Since 2003 Chris has been directly involved in completing over 200 searches nationwide. Chris is driven by his strategic vision for Artemis, his passion as a leader, and ultimately the positive impact he can create in other peoples’ lives.

Artemis Search Partners only works with a select number of clients to ensure that they are able to fully entrench themselves into each unique environment, and truly partner with each customer. As Strategic Growth Partners with each client, Artemis has the ability to secure the 3-point model match candidate. Those three points include the technical/skills set match, overall company cultural match, and a match to each individual team/hiring manager. This ensures that the client will have a long term hiring solution rather than just patch work, significantly lowering their attrition rates. Artemis creates value for its clients far beyond each completed search. Each consultant will not only deliver the Material Impact Candidate, but also make it their responsibility to deliver the client’s message to all those whom we contact along the way. With a unique tickler system and concierge program, Artemis continues to be not only a hiring partner for each client, but an impactful marketing tool as well. The Artemis culture fosters an attitude of perseverance until the job is done making the unattainable candidate attainable to its clients.

A Bay Area native, Chris graduated from Chico State University in 2002. Chris currently resides in Irvine, Ca where he has lived the last 6 years. When not focused on developing his entrepreneurial skills and growing his business, Chris is heavily involved in fitness and athletics.