About Gen Next

Gen Next - We see big challenges in the future, so we want to be better informed to do something about it.

Membership - Dynamic, exceptional and successful individuals unified by a positive and ambitious plan for the future. Membership is by invitation-only and requires a minimum annual contribution of $10,000.

Venture Philanthropy/Gen Equity- Invest in causes and individuals finding and executing on systemic, impactful and long-term solutions related to economic growth, education and international security.



Gen Next is a nonprofit, 501(c)(4) membership organization that connects, informs and engages executives and entrepreneurs to empower individuals and causes to provide long-term solutions for future generations.


Gen Next is an exclusive membership-driven organization of successful individuals aimed at overcoming generational challenges in three areas: economic growth, education and international security.

Our Members are  accomplished individuals--executives, entrepreneurs, doctors, authors and diplomats--who represent a spectrum of industries, such as technology, energy, fashion, finance, entertainment, hospitality, real estate, and more.

Membership is both experiential and impactful. Through unique programming, Members have exclusive access to and directly engage international, national, and local influencers, private sector innovators, public officials and thought leaders. We provide a platform for Members to be relevant, to shape and drive public debate and action to focus on long-term solutions. We look for causes that are impactful and solutions that are systemic, scalable and aligned with our issues.

Activities and Benefits

Members participate in a variety of activities, ranging from:

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