Our committees ensure that we fulfill specific parts of our mission. They manage Member selection, evaluate and recommend causes and strategic opportunities, and more.  Their commitment in time and energy is extraordinary.

Gen Equity

Gen Equity represents the Gen Next approach to building relationships with and engaging candidates and elected officials. As engaged citizens, we want to build real relationships with elected officials interested in looking at the issues with fresh eyes and forward thinking.

We address one of the founding principles of Gen Next, which is that elected officials should actively seek the wealth of knowledge available to them through entrepreneurs and innovators. Too often, the solutions being proposed in government do not reflect the most impactful and innovative possibilities.

Gen Equity conjoins this thinking to identify and build substantive partnerships with political leaders based on forward-thinking and long term solutions to today's challenges.


Gen Next is nothing without our Members, and Membership is not for everyone.  But our Membership committee, comprised of  Members from all regions,  works to ensure that we only invite the highest quality and best matched individuals and then that the membership experience is informative, engaging, meaningful and fun.


The Outreach Committee is the primary liaison between Gen Next the Member organization and the Gen Next Foundation.  The Committee provides the framework and strategies to engage Gen Next Members in Gen Next Foundation projects.  It also evaluates Member presented ideas for the Gen Next Foundation.

Technology and Communications

The Technology and Communications Committee leverages technology to bring communication and information tools to our Members to foster a connected and effective community.

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